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Operator Pendant

Features :
Welded body with sides, top and bottom closed in 1.5/2.00 thk folded CRCA
Very strong and sturdy arm manufactured in 65x65 square tubes in 3.00 thick
Front single door in 2.00 thk CRCA sheet with, 'D' type foam gasket.
Polyethylene gasket on door and polyurethane foam on gland plate, both are
fire retardant.
Swiveling thrust bearing with inner diameter 58mm for cable passing.
As side walls are not removable, inter panel separator is not required here.
These types of enclosures are not suitable to join together, however if needed
we can join them.

Standard sizes :

• There is access from front only as sides and top are closed.

Top Hung Pendant
Top Hung Pendant
Top Hung Pendant
Bottom Hung Pendant
Bottom Hung Pendant

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