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Production Planning and Control : 01 Post.

Educational qualification: MBA in production and operation management.
1) Communicating production planning with different departments inside organization.
2) Getting daily production reports from all the department heads.
3) Finding shortfall amongst plan and report and reasons for shortfall.
4) Finding the solution on corrective action on shortfall with company Director.
5) Communicating the corrective action to the respective people.
6) Encouraging / Motivation to the shopfloor employees.
7) Reporting to Director.

Enquiry Handling and marketing : 02 Posts.

Educational qualification: MBA in Marketing.
1) Enquiries handling.
2) Costing and creating quotations against customer enquiry.
3) Price negotiations with customer.
4) Customer support.
5) Payment follow-up and recovery.
6) Market development.
7) Reporting to Director.
Salary: Rs 3 Lac P.A.